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Sporteq is part of Inacional and an official partner of World Paravolley.

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World Paravolley approved

From Rwanda to Paris?

We became enthusiastic and “infected” with Paravolley when we came into contact with the trainers of the national teams of Rwanda about 10 years ago. The Rwanda teams were in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics. The passion and drive with all limitations, literally and figuratively, of sitting  volleyball of both trainers and athletes touched us.

Training facilities and resources in Rwanda were limited. The idea of creating a freestanding net installation, so that they could use it on various locations, came up. 

During the process contact was also made with World Para Volley (WPV). This contact remained through the years and eventually brought us to the 2018 World Cup in the Netherlands. Unfortunately we did not reach a deal with the WC 2018 organization, partly because the installation did not (yet) have official approval from WPV.

The installation

Due to its simplicity and multifunctionality, this Stand-alone system has aroused interest among various coaches nationally and internationally.

“World ParaVolley is pleased to announce that Inacional has been approved as a provider of ParaVolley equipment for the next 4 years – the first Company in Europe to achieve homologation.”

sitting volleyball installation approved by WPV

There was however still interest and a need for a good (mobile) installation for the European market. After making a number of prototypes, a new developed installation was tested and assessed by an international referee and technical representative of WPV. After some small adjustments and improvements this led ultimately to a Sitting volleyball installation approved by WPV.

Inacional is proud being the first company in Europe with WPV approved Paravolley equipment. This approval means a lot and is an appreciation for more than 10 years working with this beautiful game. What started in Rwanda with their qualification for OS London 2012 could lead to OS Paris 2024?

About the founder

The official approval of World Paravolley for a sitting volleyball installation, developed by Inacional, is the reason for the foundation of www.sporteq.eu

Where Inacional, founded by Igo Krabbenborg, mainly is concerned with sports technical advice for new construction and renovation of indoor sports facilities in the Netherlands, SportEQ will mainly focus on equipment for sitting volleyball and on the design, production and delivery of special sports-related products.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of sports technical advice (in the Netherlands as well as abroad), Inacional has become a leading independent consultancy in the Netherlands. Enthusiasm, creativity, drive, passion, network, connecting and being able to translate user wishes fit well with Igo. Over the years, disabled sports and sports in developing countries have been given a special place at Inacional

Official partnership