The easiest set-up installations for Paravolley

Sporteq is part of Inacional and an official partner of World Paravolley.

World Paravolley approved

Quick and easy to set up

Sufficient free space referees

Can be used in an existing ground bus

From Rwanda to Paris?

We became enthusiastic and “infected” with Paravolley when we came into contact with the trainers of the national teams of Rwanda about 10 years ago. The Rwanda teams were in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics. The passion and drive, with all limitations, literally and figuratively, of sitting  volleyball of both trainers and athletes touched us..

Barry Couzner 

President World ParaVolley

We are very pleased to support Inacional as an equipment provider after several years of testing and development and we look forward to their ongoing contribution in this field in the future.

Main benefits of the installations:

  • Stand-alone system
  • Can also be used in an existing ground bus off standard (standing) volley court
  • Sufficient free space for 1st and 2nd referee
  • Quick and easy to set up

Official partnership